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First of all, thank you for buying this plugin. To make your experience pleasant, we've added as much info as needed in this documentation. If you're stuck with anything, please refer to submit ticket to our SUPPORT PAGE.

There are two methods to install the plugin. If the normal installation method (a) is not supported by your web host, you will have to use the alternate option (b).

a. Normal Installation

  1. Login to WordPress Admin and browse to plugins > add new.
  2. Click on the upload pluginand click choose file.
  3. Browse your computer to select "" (it's in the zip file you downloaded from CodeCanyon). Click "Install Now" button.
  4. Once it's uploaded, click the Activate Plugin link.

b. FTP Installation (alternate method)

  1. Use your FTP software to browse to wp-content/plugins folder.
  2. Extract and upload the go-trend folder.
  3. Once it's uploaded, go to your WordPress Admin, browse to plugins .
  4. Click the Activate link under Go Trend plugin.

How To Use

after you install and Activate the plugin , New widget should appear named “Go Trend” just drag & drop it into a widget area . edit the widget settings and click save

Noteif the widget did not show any posts . that means that your posts don,t have any views yet . try to view a post then re-load the page and you will see the post in the widget .

explain widget options

  • title : widget title that will shows on the widget
  • Order by : Order by Views or Comments
  • Get posts from : whether if you want to show the posts in the last day ,last week , last year< ,or all time/li>
  • Number of posts : set how much posts you want to see in the widget
  • Filter by Category : select a Category to grab posts from
  • Main layout : the layout style that you like to see
  • Show counter : if you want to show the count number (5 comments , 8 views ...)
  • Show Posts number : if you want to show the number of the post in the corner
  • Post Title Color : change the post title color (if not set , will use the Default)
  • counter color : set a color for the counter (ie. 132 views, 24 comments)
  • background Image url: if you want to use a background Image . just paste the Image url here
  • Border bottom : the bottom line that separate the posts
  • Spacing in posts : the Space btween post (in px)
  • Title Font : post title font options
  • Counter font : counter font options
  • Thumbnail Size: the Thumbnail Size that you want to use

We are here for you to offer friendly help ! . Head over to the support tab

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  • Images on demo website are not included in the plugin package and are used for demo purposes only. They are all credited to their respective creator/owner
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